Where Education And Sports Meet To Create A Lifelong Legacy

We’ve partnered with Liberty University and recruited world-class instructors to help you with your baseball development and college recruiting visibility.

About Legacy Park Academy

Learn why we started Legacy Park Academy!
Our mission is to offer each student an exceptional learning experience while staying focused on your physical and personal development.

The Legacy Park Academic Experience

Through our partnership with Liberty University you can earn college credits. High school juniors and seniors can take dual enrollment classes which could result in finishing high school with an Associate Degree.

The Legacy Park Athletic Experience

We'll be playing the best schools in Virginia, as-well-as out of state schools. Our training approach is tailored to each player and will include strength, and sport specific movements to take your game to the next level.


About Legacy Park Academy

We are a school that strives to build a legacy, and that legacy will be built on the students that pass through our doors. We believe in the holistic development of students by pushing them to new levels in all aspects of their lives. We help students reach the next level athletically, the next level academically, and help them become upstanding members of their communities. Our legacy will be the young men and women who leave our school better than when entered, and will be ready to make a difference in society. 

Catia and Shawn Mills

Founders - Owners

Hubert King II

Director of Basketball Operations

Isaac Lippert

Director of Baseball Operations

Reagan Mills

Founder - Owner - Student Advisor

Below Is An Example Of A Daily Schedule At Legacy Park Academy

What Past Students Have to Say About Our Coaches
And Liberty University

I’ve had the honor to play under Coach Lippert and have him as a pitching coach during my high school career. Without a doubt one of the best coaches I’ve had, he pushed me hard to train and play to the best of my ability. Coach Lippert not only helped me with the recruiting process but opened up multiple opportunities to play baseball at the next level and I truly can’t thank him enough for all that he has done.
Nathaniel Mack
I played under Coach Lippert the summer of 2019, and it was a great and fun time with its serious moments and funny moments. Certainly was one of the best coaches I’ve had. He is hard working, and will certainly push you to play your best.
Gabe Sebastino
My son has been part of champions Circle for a year. As a parent, I have dealt with many different organizations and with Champions Circle my son finally found his home with travel basketball. The organization has great coaches who dedicated their time, knowledge, leadership and etc on and off the court. They have impacted my son and other team members lives tremendously. If you are looking for an organization where your child can grow, improve their skills and have and amazing opportunity, I recommend champions circle, here is where it is. Champions Circle is owned and operated by our Director of Basketball Operations, Hubert Green.
Tiffany Hackett
From day one these guys have made a major impact on my child’s development. I’ve seen growth in Jayden on and off the court. This company does work within the community and truly care about the growth of our youth. I recommend this company to anyone who has a child that needs help with athletics, mentoring or education. Champions Circle is owned and operated by our Director of Basketball Operations, Hubert Green.
I've looked up to and respected Shawn Mills for a large part of my adult life as an incredible mentor, man of God and a friend. I have no doubt God placed him and his family into my life at the exact moment needed. My family and I want to thank the Mills family for the amazing impact on our past, present and future! Thank you for directly and indirectly helping me create a legacy and set an example for my family!
Shawn and Catia Mills Own and Operate Legacy Park Academy
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