The Academy at a Glance


We believe in the holistic development of our students. We push them to new levels in all aspects of their lives. Using data driven methods,  our professional coaches help students reach the next level athletically, while our staff and school system help them reach the next level academically. We strive to build a legacy both on and off of the field.

About The Academic Experience

Students complete their coursework through Liberty University online classes. This is an NCAA Track approved education. Coaches and students set weekly progress goals and check in's to ensure students are staying eligible for competition and meeting a high standard of excellence. Academic assistance and tutoring are provided for students. Our Juniors and Seniors can also take advantage of duel enrollment which allows them to take college credit course. We also offer college level courses for athletes looking to do a post graduate year before going to college.

About The Athletic Experience

We are focused on the personal growth and development of individual student-athletes, and development of the team as a whole. Our athletes are given skills training every day, as well as in game reps on a weekly basis. Our student-athletes are given a professional, baseball specific, strength and conditioning regimen. Utilizing some the newest technologies, in baseball, our student-athletes will be trained using data-driven programs to yield the best results. These technologies currently include Rapsodo and WINvR!

What our Students Say

“In a normal school, you’re confined to just 1 room – here I get to workout with my teammates and be overall more productive versus a normal school setting. Working out and taking reps everyday makes me feel way more comfortable on the field.”

-Hunter Robertson, ’22

“I’ve probably never gotten so many reps in my life. Being able to be here 5 days a week, and train outside of my class time is amazing. I also love the freedom of the academy. If I am done my classwork for the day, I am able to go get extra swings in the cage, stretch, or sometimes even play basketball. The time management of it all is really great.”

Nick McCray, -22

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