The Legacy Park Academy Vision 


The goal of our program is to help our students build a legacy both on and off of the field! We provide a space where athletes can devote as much time to baseball and their academics equally. The traditional 7 hour school day means balancing your afternoons between homework, practices, workouts, and anything else you want to do. Legacy Park Academy provides the opportunity to do all of this in one space, inside of school hours.


A normal day will feature learning times, meal times, individual training time, and team training. A schedule might look like this:

8:00-8:30: Arrival / Breakfast

8:35-10:00: Lift / Agility + Conditioning

10:00-10:15: Recovery (Snack, relax)

10:15-12:00:  Study Hall*

12:05-12:35: Lunch

12:40-2:00: Study Hall*

2:15-3:45: Team Practice


About 3 hours a day will be devoted to class time. Our academics will be run through Liberty University. Students will have counselors at Liberty to help them with class selection, and each course has a teacher assigned to it for assistance. Students tutors from local colleges will be on-site a few days a week to help our academy students master their material.

Through Liberty University, we are also offering college credits. High school juniors and seniors can take dual enrollment classes! Students who complete dual enrollment will graduate from high school with an Associates Degree! College credits are also offered for students taking a post graduate year.

Another way we will ensure student success will be weekly check ins and goal setting meetings. Coaches will have weekly meetings with our players to make sure appropriate progress is being made academically, and to set goals for the week. While we provide time everyday on site to do work, students are also capable of accessing their classes from home if they wish to put in extra work.


The development of an athletes strength and sport-specific movements are essential to take their game to the next level. To address this, we will have a strength and conditioning coach on-site to design sport-specific workouts and agility training.

Similar to a Division 1 program, there will be a lift, conditioning, or agility workout almost every day. This experience will lead to huge leaps in player development, and shorten the learning curve when they get to college.

For information about Baseball contact Isaac Lippert  Director of Baseball Operations 703-634-6525





For more baseball info contact Isaac at 703-634-6525

Isaac was born in Philadelphia, and graduated from Conestoga High School. He went on to play Division 1 Baseball at St. John’s University, and Northeastern University. As a pitcher at Northeastern, Isaac threw 140 innings with a career 4.07 ERA. Isaac tossed 4 6+ inning shutouts, taking a no hitter into the 7th inning against Rhode Island. He earned the CAA Pitcher of the week when he threw 7 shutout innings against Boston College facing 2 more than the minimum batters. During his time at Northeastern, he played against the Boston Red Sox in spring training 4 times, pitching in 3 games, and scoring the tying run after a pinch hit appearance in his 4th game.

After studying History, and Sports Physiology, Isaac went into education. As a high school history teacher, Isaac taught in 3 Title 1 schools in the Boston and Richmond areas. 

Isaac spent two summers coaching with the Harwich Mariners in the Cape Cod Baseball League where he had the chance to coach and learn from over 40 players who would go on to be selected in MLB Draft. In Harwich, Isaac  took responsibility for the in game management of the bullpen, as well as the recovery and conditioning of pitchers on their off days. 

After moving to Richmond, Isaac has spent time coaching with the Richmond Braves National Baseball Organization, RISE Baseball, and Hopewell High School baseball. Isaac currently serves as the General Manager/Commissioner of the Piedmont Collegiate Summer league

 In his position as the Director of Baseball Operations, Isaac’s main goal will be the organization of the Legacy Park Baseball Academy. He hopes to use all of his experiences as a baseball player, a teacher, and a coach to create a top tier baseball academy.

If you have questions or would like additional information please fill out the form below and we will be in touch with you shortly.

    An Exceptional Athletic Experience!

    Legacy Park Academy Athletic Experience

    Physical Development

    Similar to a Division 1 program, there will be a lift, conditioning, or agility workout almost everyday.

    Baseball Development

    Players will have time everyday day with 1 on 1 or small group instruction with a coach.

    Team Practice & Competition

    Take care of the small things, and the big things will take care of themselves. We will be a fundamentally sound baseball team. We are not restricted by VHSL regulations, and can practice daily.

    College Recruiting Process

    We will have a recruiting profile and have free access to a recruiting platform. This platform will allow coaches to see game clips, training clips, and see academic information.

    Baseball Development

    The development of specific baseball skills will be tailored to each player. Players will have time every day with one on one or small group instruction with a coach. These sessions will focus on specific baseball skills.

    Students will be students of the game. We will always provide tools and opportunities, but we do not believe in cookie-cutter coaching. As a team, the coach and player, will develop a plan that best suits the individual.

    Team Practice and Competition

    “Take care of the small things, and the big things will take care of themselves.” We will be a fundamentally sound baseball team. We are not restricted by VHSL regulations and can practice every day. We will follow a Division 1 routine: Fall season is about getting the team on the same page in practice and scrimmaging. Winter is devoted to getting stronger, faster, and improving individual skills. Spring is ramp up and go time!

    We will be playing a competitive schedule. We will be playing the best schools in Virginia, we will be playing schools from out of state, and we will even have a chance to practice with and play against college teams. All of this is a recipe for college coaches being interested and recruiting our players.

    College Recruiting Process

    It is important that students and parents and coaches are on the same page and communicate. We will have meetings at the beginning of every year, and throughout the year, to discuss college goals. We will discuss what schools might be good fits, which are “reaches”, we will establish what our academic desires are, etc. Talking about these things defines what we want to achieve and gives us a north star.

    Ex. You want to play at Duke? This is what you need to do academically to even be considered. Here is what you need to do athletically to be competitive for a spot there.

    Now that we have our goals set, we are ready to communicate with college coaches.

    Through Legacy Park Academy, players will have a recruiting profile and have free access to a recruiting platform. This platform will allow coaches to see game clips, training clips, and see academic information. Coaches are even able to contact the player directly if they wish.

    On top of the recruiting platform, our coaches will take advantage of their extensive networks to speak with college coaches and find the right schools for our students. We will also work with your travel organization to tag team the process.

    We will be here to help guide you in the right direction, and give you advice.

    After Graduation

    Once our players have moved on, we welcome them back with open arms! One of the best parts of college breaks is having your old players come home, workout with the current guys, share their wisdom, and new experiences as they take reps with our guys.

    The goal of Legacy Park Baseball Academy is to run as close as possible to how a Division 1 baseball program functions. This begins with our recruiting process. Recruits will receive initial contact from a LP coach after being seen at a game, showcase, or after the player has reached out. Once a mutual interest has been established, and preliminary conversations have been had, the recruit and his parents will be invited to come take a tour of the facility. 

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