Shawn and Catia Mills have been passionate about working with kids and being involved in the community since they were married in 1994.   As avid entrepreneurs for more than 20 years, they have always been engaged in training people on how to be successful financially, mentally and spiritually. Together they ran training seminars and workshops, educating people of all ages about success principles. 

They have four children, Tatiana, Caroline, Reagan and Elena. Their passion for educating children began when they decided to homeschool their own children. Because of their high-level involvement in their extracurricular activities, which included ballet, travel baseball, piano, and competitive skating, homeschooling was a perfect fit. They understand the level of commitment that it takes to succeed as a competitive athlete, and the benefits of a more flexible school schedule. Hence, the idea of Legacy Park Academy was born. Their youngest daughter Elena is still a student of Liberty University Online Academy, which has enabled her to excel in high-level competitive skating. 

They are excited to provide an opportunity for young athletes to have an excellent academic education as well as more time to focus on their athletic training.

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